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Location Maldives, Bodu Magu,Rasdhoo 09
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Active since 2015
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Maldives, Bodu Magu,Rasdhoo 09
Dive center icon Jerry's Dive Club Dive site icon Neighboring dive sites (52)
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Madivaru Beru Dive site
Distance 0.97 km
Comments: 0
Diving media: 9
Madivaru Beru Rating
Rasdhoo Madivaru Dive site
Distance 0.98 km
Comments: 1
Diving media: 3
Rasdhoo Madivaru Rating
Thoddoo Faru Dive site
Distance 19.43 km
Comments: 0
Diving media: 6
Thoddoo Faru Rating
Hafsa Thila Dive site
Distance 22.65 km
Comments: 0
Diving media: 1
Hafsa Thila Rating
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Madivaru Beru Madivaru Beru rating (1 vote) 0.97 km View
Rasdhoo Madivaru Rasdhoo Madivaru rating (2 votes) 0.98 km View
Thoddoo Faru Thoddoo Faru rating (1 vote) 19.43 km View
Hafsa Thila Hafsa Thila rating (1 vote) 22.65 km View
Maayaa thila Maayaa thila rating (1 vote) 23.98 km View
Fesdhoo Wreck and Thila Fesdhoo Wreck and Thila rating (1 vote) 40.02 km View
Rasfari Island Rasfari Island rating (1 vote) 44.56 km View
Moofushi Beru Moofushi Beru rating (1 vote) 53.52 km View
Ebooduoo Thila Ebooduoo Thila rating (1 vote) 57.07 km View
Maldive Victory Maldive Victory rating (1 vote) 60.13 km View
Banana Reef Banana Reef rating (1 vote) 60.16 km View
Embudhu Beru Embudhu Beru rating (1 vote) 61.22 km View
Lankan Manta point Lankan Manta point rating (1 vote) 62.72 km View
Embudu Kandu Embudu Kandu rating (1 vote) 63.32 km View
Camel Rock Camel Rock rating (1 vote) 64.06 km View
Kandooma Thila Kandooma Thila rating (1 vote) 67.07 km View
Guraidhoo Corner Guraidhoo Corner rating (1 vote) 67.6 km View
Vilamendhoo Thila Vilamendhoo Thila rating (1 vote) 70.17 km View
Colosseum Colosseum rating (0 vote) 74.79 km View
Kudima Wreck Kudima Wreck rating (1 vote) 75.36 km View
Helengeli Thila Helengeli Thila rating (1 vote) 76.16 km View
Kudarah Thila Kudarah Thila rating (1 vote) 78.76 km View
Fulidhoo Caves Fulidhoo Caves rating (0 vote) 79.91 km View
Kunaavashi Kandu Kunaavashi Kandu rating (0 vote) 80.77 km View
Rangali Madivaru Rangali Madivaru rating (1 vote) 81.16 km View
Maamingili Beyru Maamingili Beyru rating (1 vote) 90.26 km View
Alimathaa Pier Alimathaa Pier rating (1 vote) 93.73 km View
Miyaru Kandu Miyaru Kandu rating (1 vote) 95.01 km View
Nelivaru Thila Nelivaru Thila rating (1 vote) 96.07 km View
Hanifaru Lagoon Hanifaru Lagoon rating (1 vote) 102.5 km View
Jumping Jack Jumping Jack rating (1 vote) 108.7 km View
Fotteyo Fotteyo rating (1 vote) 116.64 km View
Filitheyo Thila Filitheyo Thila rating (1 vote) 118.15 km View
Vattaru Kandu Vattaru Kandu rating (1 vote) 125.69 km View
VAADHOO THILA VAADHOO THILA rating (1 vote) 126.36 km View
Mulaku Kandu Mulaku Kandu rating (1 vote) 132.11 km View
Fushi Kandu Fushi Kandu rating (2 votes) 140.71 km View
Anemone Thila Anemone Thila rating (0 vote) 142.02 km View
Shipyard Shipyard rating (1 vote) 142.84 km View
Velavaru Thila Velavaru Thila rating (1 vote) 144.28 km View
Fushifaru Thila Fushifaru Thila rating (1 vote) 148.96 km View
Kuredu Caves Kuredu Caves rating (0 vote) 152.61 km View
Kuredhdhoo Kandu Kuredhdhoo Kandu rating (1 vote) 153.69 km View
Muli Corner Muli Corner rating (1 vote) 163.01 km View
X-MAS ROCK X-MAS ROCK rating (1 vote) 174.75 km View
Orimas Thila Orimas Thila rating (1 vote) 178.51 km View
Alifushi Alifushi rating (1 vote) 188.67 km View
Ekasdhoo North Ekasdhoo North rating (1 vote) 204.54 km View
Heaven and Hell Heaven and Hell rating (1 vote) 274.39 km View
Finey Thila Finey Thila rating (1 vote) 275.02 km View
Mathi Faru Mathi Faru rating (1 vote) 287.76 km View
Filladhoo Wreck Filladhoo Wreck rating (1 vote) 291.07 km View


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Jerry's Dive Club
Bodu Magu,Rasdhoo 09020, Maldives
09020 Rasdhoo, Maldivas
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