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Diving media
Main Information
Location Mexico, Quintana Roo
Dive organization PADI
Active since 2014
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Caribbean Safarys is the best diving crew of Divemasters and diving instructors with wide experience in the Caribbean. all our guides are certified by PADI. We guarantee a personalized and excellent service.

.'.Free Diving Safarys

  • 1 hr Snorkel set from the shore to Nizuc Coral Reef  National Marine Park $20 usd 
  • 1 hr Snorkel Set at MUSA (Under Water Museum of Art) + boat ride or Coral Reef + boat ride  $45 usd
  • (summer special) Whale shark free snorkel set + boat ride $165 usd

.'.Beginners Safarys

  • PADI DSD Discovery Scuba Diving: The  first step for scuba diving beginners, includes one teorical - practical lesson and one dive in open water:

1 Tank pool Lesson + 1  tank (dive) MUSA (Underwater Museum of Art) (30 ft / 45 min) or Coral Reef  (30 ft / 45 min) $99 usd

.'.Certified Divers Safarys

  • 2 Tanks Dive: Coral Reef (50-60 ft) + Coral Reef (50-60 ft). $85usd
  • 2 Tanks Dive: Ship Wreck (80 ft) + Coral Reef (50-60 ft). $85 usd
  • 1 Tank Dive: MUSA (Underwater Museum of Art) (30 ft) or Coral Reef (30ft). $65 usd
  • Night Dive: 1 tank at the Coral Reef (50-60 ft) or Shipwreck (80 ft). $70 usd
  • Cavern (cenote) Dive 2 tanks, Check for availability and divesites (Chac mool, Taj mahal, Dos Ojos, La Angelita, The Pit, Hell bells, Carwash). $160 - $190 usd

.'.Diving Certifications ​

  • PADI Open Water Diver: $435 usd

Become an autonomus diver  in 3 days. includes: personalized PADI  Instructor + pool training + wetsuit + 4 dives + book + logbook + PADI ID.

  • PADI Andvanced Open Water Diver: $360 usd

Dive deeper, get more confortable, learn more skills. Includes: personalized PADI instructor + wetsuit + 5 specialty dives + book + PADI ID. Specialties: Deep diving, Underwater navigation, Peak performance buoyancy, Night dive, Ship wreck, AWARE fish identification,  Underwater naturalist, Drift diving, Boat diving, And more.

  • PADI Rescue Diver: $390 usd

Learn what to do on a dive emergency case. Includes:Personalized PADI instructor +  EFR (Emergency First Response (aditional cost))+ Rescue Diver Trainig at natural enviroments + book + PADI ID.

  • PADI Divemaster: $790 usd

ecome a PADI Profesional diver. Includes:Personalized PADI instructor + Crew Pack  + PADI divemaster trainig + PADI ID.

.'. Conditions:

All our diving and snorkeling services includes the necessary gear, personalized and professional guides, bottled water, wifi service in the marina, boat rides.

  • Meeting point will depend on the activity.

Not included:

  • National marine park fees ($2.5 usd),
  • Gratitude (optional)
  • Wet suits ($8usd rent), except certifications and cavern diving)


  • Snorkel age limit 4 years old
  • Scuba diving age limit 10 years old

Who cannot scuba dive:

  • Pregnant women or people with conditions as diabetes, high blood pressure, claustrophobia, epilepsy.
  • People with asthma, heart or breathing problems.
  • People with any kind of surgery in the ear, heart or lungs.
  • People high on drugs or alcohol at the time.


  • Avoid to use sun screen
  • Flight until 12 hours after Scuba diving
  • Limit the consume of alcohol one day before scuba diving

.'.Deep Sea Fishing Safarys

Our fishing team integrated by legendary captains, our fleet of bertram 38 boats equiped whit fish finder, gps, downriggers, outriggers, 4 or 6 fishing lines and fighting chair guarantee you the best fishing.

  •  4 hrs charter 8 people / 8 personas max $ 590 usd.

  •  6 hrs charter 8 people / 8 personas max $ 690 usd.

  •  8 hrs charter 8 people / 8 personas max $ 860 usd.

Includes: Fresh fish lunch, all equipment, beer and soft drinks, bait, fishing license and taxes.


Staff member
Nayib Tlaiye
Dive Master, DSD Lea
Professional, secure and friendly. The best guide in the caribbean, discover whit him the best spots on the sea and find the bigest marine life.
Staff member
Antonio Molina Piquard
Instructor Full cave
One of the best instructors in the Caribbean and the most experienced guide on cavern and cave diving in the Mexican Caribbean, discover whit him the underground Cenote rivers, millions years old stalactites and stalagmites on beautiful, exciting and fun diving trips


Mexico, Quintana Roo
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  • Whale shark in Mexico Featured
    Whale shark
    one of hundreds that we saw last summer
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    Caribbean Safarys


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Caribbean Safarys
Blvd. Kukulkan Km. 3.5 SN
77500 Cancún, Quintana Roo, Messico
+ 52 1 9981899950
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