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United Kingdom
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United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Diving media
Main Information
Location United Kingdom, South
Dive organization - -
Active since 1997
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  • Nitrox
  • Technical dive
  • Trimix
  • Rebreather


Learning with Diving Matrix is all about your success. We believe in education over instruction and are happy to go the extra mile for you during one of our training programs.

Instructor to Student ratio is kept low for best learning, and training dive performance is approached from a realistic, common sense approach.

When you train with us, you can expect a relaxed, causual ambiance, with enough time for socializing post dives. Dives and drills are conducted to a high standard, but we believe that having you relaxed will allow you to learn and perform better.


"We don't train until we get it right ...
... we train until we can't get it wrong!"

Here at Matrix we believe in Training and Education, not Instruction. The point being, unlike instruction, which is essentially unidirectional and provides no guarantee of learning that which is ostensibly being “taught,” education when effective, is bi-directional.  From the educator’s perspective it is teaching, from the student’s perspective it is learning. It is therefore that our courses are provocative, allow for plenty of discussion time, and employ a large social element. Presentations might be given on a napkin, opinions and ideas are welcome, and debriefs happen outside the class room in a relaxed and informal environment.


Recreational Open Circuit Training with MATRIX ranges from:
- Open Water Diver 20m
- Advanced Diver 35m
- Master Rescue Diver
- Dive Master

Learning to dive with Matrix is different than what you might have seen out there, we;
- Have small groups, 2 to 3 people
- Spend all day with you
- Work on your skills until they are superb
- Take you on real dives
- Make you look good, like you've been diving for years

Diving Matrix Open Water

Taking a course with Matrix is performance based. This means we give you an estimate completion time, if you finish sooner you get some experience dives, if you need longer, we take more time to complete.


Technical Open Circuit Training with MATRIX ranges from Deep Nitrox courses, to full on Trimix Instructor courses.

- Deco 40 Diver / Instructor
- Deco 40 Trimix Diver / Instructor

- Deco 50 Diver / Instructor

- Deco 60 Diver / Instructor

We support back mount and sidemount divers. Please consult the equipment document for further details.


Diving Matrix on Twinset

Our approach to training is realistic, very realistic. We build you up to deal with failures, problems, combinations of the two and dive scenario's.
Inquire today about doing your Technical Training with Diving Matrix.


MATRIX offers RAID CCR courses to perfectly match your experience and requirements. From unit basics, crossovers, to full trimix instructor courses.

- Tech Rebreather Core Level

- Tech Rebreather Deco 40

- Tech Rebreather Deco 50

- Tech Rebreather Deco 60

- Tech Rebreather Deco 80

Oli teaching RedBare CCR

Our Team can support your learning on the following CE'd Rebreathers: 

• VMS: Sentinel, RedHead, and RedBare
• Poseidon: MKIV and Se7ven

• AP: Vision and Inspiration

Or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divingmatrix/

Staff member
Paul V. Toomer
Paul Vincent Toomer Qualifications: Director of Dive Training and Global ITT/Examiner for Dive RAID International Paul started diving in 1996 with Diving Leisure Poole under the instruction of Course Director Steve Axtell and then Master Instructor Phil Short. Having such extraordinary trainers and a passion for the underwater world it was not long till he decided that this was the career he had been looking for. He has dived caves and wrecks all over the world and also safely planned and executed many sub 150 metre ocean. After ten years of running Diving Leisure he decided to concentrate purely on Technical Diver Training, Expeditions and Instructor Development Programs (technical and recreational) and Diving Matrix was born. Matrix has offices in London and Malta, and operates world wide. He has dived caves and wrecks all over the world and also safely planned and executed many sub 150 metre ocean dives.
Staff member
Olivier van Overbeek
Olivier van Overbeek Qualifications: Rec & Tec IT, CCR Instructor for Dive RAID International Oli started diving in 1998, on holiday in the south of France, he instantly fell in love with the underwater world, and when he came home to his native Holland, instantly signed up with famed Dutch wreck explorer Ben Stiefelhagen. A few months later he moved to the south of England, and continued diving and learning there. In 2000 he was enjoying the popularity of diving the south coast was experiencing at the time, and joined as many dives as time and money would allow. After spending several years diving just for himself, Oli decided to become an instructor. After attending a lecture with Steve Lewis he decided to find a more technically oriented agency and wanted to help make changes to the industry. It wasn't long until he met Paul who at that point had just joined RAID, and decided to jump on board. After joining RAID he started working with, and learning of Paul directly, and in 2015 joined the first RAID ITD program. Oli enjoys working with instructors or teaching Technical programs most, but is always happy to work with any diver level.


United Kingdom, South
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