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Inicio » Centro de buceo » Maldivas » Maldivers Diving Centre Maalhos


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Ubicación Maldivas, South Maalhosmadulu
Organización - -
Activo desde 2017
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Maldivers Diving Centre is located on the island of Maalhos which is in the heart of the biosphere reserve in Baa Atoll, Maldives. We offer dive trips to various reefs located around the area, dive courses, excursions and fun.

Maldivers Diving Centre was established in the year 1999 by some very passionate divers whom all had one thing in mind, which was to share their underwater experiences with as many people possible. We have been offering Scuba Schools International (SSI) courses to the highest standards possible, and the programs include from one day experience programs: Try Scuba Diving to beginner courses and First aid courses to professional diving certifications. We are proud to say we have trained a lot of divers and diving professionals. Maldivers has also initiated a lot of clean-up programs and environmental campaigns.

After operating the dive centre on Malé for more than a decade, we moved to Maalhos to get away from the busy island city life and to be closer to nature. The dive centre is located in a house that is more than 70 years old. Rather than demolishing the place and making a new building we renovated the house, keeping the key features intact.

Our staff is made up of very energetic, eager and environmentally aware diving professionals who make sure our motto “dive with someone you know, learn with someone you trust” becomes a reality, keeping in mind that our divers get the best experience they can.

Our facility consists of a dive room equipped with all the necessary equipment serviced to a high standard to make your diving safe, relaxing and fun. Also, there is a sitting area and a classroom equipped with a library of necessary materials to help students and divers with their learning.

Accomodation can be arranged with one of our parner Guest Houses at Maalhos and we can help to plan and book your holiday.



Maldivas, South Maalhosmadulu
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Banana Reef Banana Reef rating (1 voto) 110,06 km Ver
Hafsa Thila Hafsa Thila rating (1 voto) 115,87 km Ver
Maldive Victory Maldive Victory rating (1 voto) 115,99 km Ver
Maayaa thila Maayaa thila rating (1 voto) 119,31 km Ver
Embudhu Beru Embudhu Beru rating (1 voto) 125,31 km Ver
Embudu Kandu Embudu Kandu rating (1 voto) 125,57 km Ver
Fesdhoo Wreck and Thila Fesdhoo Wreck and Thila rating (1 voto) 134,91 km Ver
Kandooma Thila Kandooma Thila rating (1 voto) 142,54 km Ver
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Miyaru Kandu Miyaru Kandu rating (1 voto) 178,29 km Ver
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Mulaku Kandu Mulaku Kandu rating (1 voto) 221,41 km Ver
Fushi Kandu Fushi Kandu rating (2 votos) 238,23 km Ver
Velavaru Thila Velavaru Thila rating (1 voto) 241,28 km Ver
Muli Corner Muli Corner rating (1 voto) 251,39 km Ver


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