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Espèce : Non spécifié
Date : 30/09/2015
Localisation : Longitude -70,7932 Latitude 20,4219

These images were shot during an expedition led to study the behaviour of the humpback whale, gathering in the Caribbean waters during their annual migration to their breeding grounds. Cameraman from Urzala and researchers from Panga MX experienced an amazing encounter during one of their expedition. First spotting a group of several juveniles apparently fighting, they realised afterwards those comportements were more probably socialising displays and games. Once the crew in the water, one of the whale showed a high interest in the visitors, swimming back and forth during more than 30 minutes, from the safety of its pod to the excitment of a face to face with humans. This behaviour is illustrated in the video by the repeated approaches of the whale toward the divers and the fluke slashes, that could be interpretated as a way to keep a distance between the animal and the humans, or a simple way of playing with them. Such high level of interaction shows us once again the link that can exist between ourselves and the other inhabitants of the ocean ( and the earth) and the importance of wilderness conservation.
© Urzala
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Photo : 0 Vidéo : 4
Contribution : 40 points
Longitude : -70,7932 Latitude : 20,4219

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