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Blue Shark One Liveaboard

Eco Pro Divers


  • Blue Shark One sails out with only 18 guests accommodated in its generous 30x9 metres hull. It’s the ideal boat to share between three large families, or for a private charter with your diving school and your best diving buddies alongside you.
  • Blue Shark One protects the ocean and its inhabitants by choosing environmentally conscious practices and by actively participating in research and educational programs dedicated to marine conservation.
  • To complement your scuba diving cruise, Blue Shark One offers several outdoor activities to explore the Maldives from another perspective. Paddle your way through the crystal clear lagoon water on a SUP or a Kayak, grab your fins, mask, and snorkel for some shallow water fun during a snorkeling session before having a barbecue on a secluded island.
  • Manta rays and whale sharks are regular encounters during the cruises with Blue Shark One. The main itinerary, the central Maldives, sports the perfect mix of big pelagic fauna such as the plankton-eating giants and other sharks, together with myriads of tiny creatures peeking from the unimaginable palette of colors and shapes of the coral reefs.
Main specification
Year built: 2002
Lang. spoken:
Length/Width: 30m/9m
Max guests: 18

Boat specifications

Lots of space for only a few guests

Blue Shark One complies with all of the standards of a typical Maldivian safari boat. Its spacious wooden hull is 30 metres long, 9 metres wide, and has over three decks. However, it’s different from similar vessels as it accommodates a maximum of only 18 guests, ensuring maximum comfort and livability while keeping the boat’s facilities unsaturated. It’s the ideal choice for having the perfect private charter with family, friends, or a diving school.

Environment overview

Blue Shark One features an all-wooden construction, providing the warmth of the natural wooden tones in many of its interior and exterior environments. It has an incomparable wood-on-waves feel. The main deck is the entertainment and dining area, featuring a restaurant, bar, lounge, and an external aft-deck furnished with sunbeds. The guest cabins occupy the lower deck, where the movements of the boat are not so pronounced. Right in front of and above the wheelhouse are two sun decks with several ottomans and sun loungers.

Traditional nautical cabins

The cabins aboard the Blue Shark One are tidy, comfortable, and exquisitely traditional. They offer multiple bed configurations to accommodate different needs. Each of Blue Shark’s cabins is equipped with independent air conditioning and a fan to ensure a healthy, dry environment with fresh air aplenty along with a private bathroom complete with a shower, sink, and toilet. The bathrooms come conveniently stocked with towels and ecological shower gels to minimize the impact on the delicate marine ecosystem.

Lavazza bar and draft beer system

Accompany the delicious buffet meals with a choice of included drinks, such as water, coffee, and tea, as well as a large selection of soft drinks, wine, beer, and more. To top it off, Blue Shark One sports a fully functional Lavazza bar, where you can enjoy a freshly brewed cappuccino or an Italian-style espresso. There’s also a draft beer system that will keep even the thirstiest guests happy.

Diving with Blue Shark One

Eco Pro Divers protects the environment

Eco Pro Divers, a company committed to marine conservation, runs Blue Shark One cruises. Cruising around the Maldives takes a whole new perspective if done in respect of the ocean and its ecosystem; it becomes a great way to have fun and enjoy nature while learning and developing conscious practices that become daily habits.

Blue Shark One produces freshwater with a modern osmosis system, distributes drinking water in refillable aluminum bottles, and substitutes single-use plastic straws with reusable metal ones. On top of this, the Eco Pro Diver team conducts research, advocates for marine conservation, and shares the knowledge about the local ecosystem with its guests during all the cruises.

The central Maldives

The Maldives is a popular destination amongst scuba divers, and their centre is the ideal place to keep close to some of the best dive sites. Blue Shark One offers an unforgettable itinerary intended for beginner and advanced divers, snorkelers, and families with beautiful and accessible diving sites, lots of shallow-water snorkeling, as well as impressive encounters with manta rays and other gentle giants of the ocean. The itinerary also includes lots of outdoor fun for the whole family with kayaking, surfing, and barbecues on deserted islands.

Whale sharks and mantas 

The Maldives is home to some of the most incredible creatures inhabiting the world's oceans: mantas and whale sharks. These giants belong to the same subclass as other shark species, the Elasmobranchii, a family of creatures that have been populating Earth since the time of dinosaurs, and that survived to reach modern times. They are now an endangered species that deserves to be known and respected, and a cruise with Blue Shark is the perfect occasion to get as close as possible to them.


Central atolls
7 nights
Latest uploaded media by the DailyDive community in The Maldives (Central region)
Scuba diving Central atolls
Scuba diving Central atolls
Scuba diving Central atolls
Scuba diving Central atolls
Scuba diving Central atolls
Scuba diving Central atolls
Price from
08 Aug
7 nights
Itinerary detail
USD 1,599
>5 places left
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05 Sep
7 nights
Itinerary detail
USD 1,599
>5 places left
Select cabin
12 Sep
7 nights
Itinerary detail
USD 1,599
>5 places left
Select cabin
19 Sep
7 nights
Itinerary detail
USD 1,599
>5 places left
Select cabin
26 Sep
7 nights
Itinerary detail
USD 1,599
>5 places left
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Paid WiFi
Cabins with air conditioning
Warm water
Music and video equipment
Non diver (snorkeler) friendly
Bath towels
Outdoor lounge
Sun deck
Local food
International food
Buffet style
Vegetarian options
Special diet options (on request)
Dive tender
DIN adaptors
Equipment rental
Dhoni tender
15 lit. tank (additional cost)
Other activities
Land excursion
Stand up paddling
Island barbecue
Freediving-Freediving courses
Biology and research activities
Cash (EUR)
Cash (USD)
Local currency
Boat specification
Boat specification
Year built
Max guests
Number of cabins
Standard cabin
Standard cabin
Cabin type
Double occupancy or Twin share
Maximum occupancy
Private bathroom
Lower deck
Standard cabin with twin or double beds. Equipped with individual air conditioning, private bathroom, fan. Courtesy ecological bathroom consumables (shampoo, shower gel). Beach and bathroom towels provided.
Standard cabin
Equipment rental
Payment on board. Can be ordered when booking
Mask (per trip)USD 30
Fins (per trip)USD 30
Regulator (per trip)USD 70
BCD (per trip)USD 70
U/W torch (per trip)USD 40
Computer (per trip)USD 50
Full wetsuit (per trip)USD 50
Shorty wetsuit (per trip)USD 40
Surface marker buoy (per trip)USD 30
Reef hook (per trip)USD 30
15 lit. tank (per trip)USD 50
ActionPro x8 (per trip)USD 100
U/W compact video and photo system
Flash Inon S2000 (per trip)USD 0
U/W strobe flashlight
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