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Species : Hawksbill turtle
Date : 1/11/2021
Location : Dive site Gili Mimpang in Indonesia, Bali

Gili Mimpang in particular is one of the most impressive diving locations in Bali - a unique place that attracts numerous divers every year with its warm, inviting waters and diverse underwater life. Gili Mimpang has established itself as an excellent diving location for experienced recreational divers. Gili Mimpang is located near Amuk Bay, where the seabed is much shallower than in the much deeper Lombok Strait. The dive site itself is often referred to as Batu Tiga, or “Three Stones”, as the surface resembles three separate stone structures. Although the area is less diverse and less abundant to visit than you would expect in Gili Tepekong, the strong currents there can sometimes prevent diving. In such cases, Gili Mimpang offers an excellent alternative to explore the underwater world of the region. It is a very good place to see sharks in Bali mainly whitetip reef sharks. We didn’t see any though. It is also a good spot to see the rare wobbegong shark, the very rare coral cat shark as well as the world famous Mola Mola (oceanic sunfish) whisch we also missed out on. Large pelagic fishes like trevallies or tuna are often see there too. This dive site is suitable for open water divers but is best for advanced divers as the sharks can often be found below 25 m deep. Always be careful due to the current, it can be quite strong. . The marine life of Gili Mimpang: The small caves and soft coral reefs make Gili Mimpang an excellent place to explore Bali's different fish species. Shortly before the sea floor subsides, you can also encounter a variety of glass fish. In addition, banner fish, and even large whale sharks can be seen that feed in the area from time to time. You can also encounter humpheads, eagle rays and some spectacular nudibranchs during the dive. But the soft corals are also teeming with marine life. So it is possible to observe angelfish, crimson basslets and schools of yellow fish that cavort around the corals and make the dive site an unforgettable sight. Diving requirements & necessary experience level: Despite the good underwater visibility and the easily accessible dive site in Gili Mimpang, the area can only be explored by experienced advanced divers due to the strong currents and rugged rocks. Beginners and inexperienced divers should not attempt the strong currents. During the Mola Mola season, the diving area is very popular. It may therefore be worthwhile to arrive in the off-season if you are not interested in this specific fish. However, watching the large creatures is well worth a visit. It is therefore hardly surprising that Gili Mimpang is one of the most popular diving areas in Bali.
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Indonesia, Bali
Dive site : Gili Mimpang
Longitude : 115.5772 Latitude : -8.5246

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